We are what you’ve been looking for.

You’re looking for designs that truly reflect you, your business and your work. Whether you want to showcase a product or service, or help communicate your passion, Diamond helps you speak through your work. We create a design that completely incorporates the aspects of your business, doing so in a fluid, natural and effective way. We listen to your ideas and your dream and help you get there by ultimately showcasing YOU in our design.
You know our story, now let us know yours.

1. Initial Meeting:

To start we sit down with you and get to know you and your business needs. Our curiosity will help build a better picture of how we can help you best.

2. Quote:

From our meeting we create an accurate quote of the proposed project. Each step is meticulously detailed so you can see all the bang you’ll get for your buck.

3. Finalizing our Teamwork:

Here we finalize our project together and Diamond is part of the team! Diamond asks for a signed agreement and an investment in your upcoming project with a downpayment. This keeps all the creative gears going by keeping our computers ticking, internet streaming and coffees brewing.

4. Plan:

Timelines are set for each stage of the project so that we can work steadily on meeting the project due date. A schedule is provided to you that outlines these dates as well as when things are needed from you to keep our work going.

5. Concept:

Here we pitch a variety of ideas and designs. Choose and tweak one as needed!

6. Design:

The best step! This is when it all starts coming together. We put our creative minds to work to create a solution that fits your needs.

7. Revise:

This will be your first full look at the work we have done for you. This is when we tweak and revise till we are done!

8. Launch:

Here we put your stuff to work – get your project to the printer or your website on the web. We provide training and manuals on how to use your website or provide you the files for your logo, booklet or whatever we designed for you. The project is yours!

9. Celebrate:

Its done! Now is the time to enjoy the work made for you and maybe throw some compliments our way.