We might be small but we are mighty. With a family team and collaboration with other industry creatives, Diamond has the ability to create great things for your business.


Douglas Harrison

Owner | Graphic Designer | Website Designer

A candid character who cares about the quality and service at any step of a project. A jack of all trades, Doug has skills in many areas – creative, industrial, public services – all of which he applies to create Diamond customers the best solution for their company. With experience freelancing  and a fine-tuned attention for detail his passion for quality products and relationships is the complete package of a dedicated designer.

“I am described as an optimist, armed with an innovative mind. I think far outside of the box and bring these ideas into my design. Every business has a driving force behind it and it is this passion that inspires my work. Tell us about your business vision and we will help you get closer to your goal.”

Great subjects for small talk:
He is a good ‘ole family man!  Loves Johnny Cash, Dodge trucks, campfires and country living. If you bring him a good cup of Tim Hortons coffee you’ll be on the right track.